23 April 2012

Human Embryology

Reproductive Embryology
Catherine Keegan, M.D., Ph.D.

GI Sequence Oral Cavity and Salivary glands

Medical Human Embryology and Gross Anatomy
Dr. Francis Neuffer, MD
Medical Human Embryology and Gross Anatomy.ppt

Development of the Human Embryo
Development of the Human Embryo.ppt

Tongue Anatomy and Glossectomy
Leo Martinez, M.D.
Tongue Anatomy and Glossectomy.ppt

Branchial Formation Arch
Branchial Formation Arch.ppt

Biliary Tract and Gallbladder: Anatomy, Development, and Physiology
Eric Orman, MD
Biliary Tract and Gallbladder.ppt

Tooth Development
Man-Kyo Chung, DMD, PhD
Tooth Development-I.ppt
Tooth Development-II_final.ppt

Diversity of Life - Early Beliefs
Diversity of Life - Early Beliefs.ppt
Details of 33 published human embryology articles

  1. Imaging of the human embryo with magnetic resonance imaging microscopy and high-resolution transvaginal 3-dimensional sonography: human embryology in the 21st century.
  2. A multimedia approach for teaching human embryology: Development and evaluation of a methodology.
  3. Human embryology and the holy quran: an overview. Free full text
  4. Revised guidelines for human embryology and andrology laboratories.
  5. Do we need a new classification for radical hysterectomy? Insights in surgical anatomy and local tumor spread from human embryology.
  6. Revised guidelines for human embryology and andrology laboratories.
  7. Qur-an, human embryology and nutrition.
  8. Revised guidelines for human embryology and andrology laboratories.
  9. Magnetic resonance microscopy versus light microscopy in human embryology teaching.
  10. New advances in human embryology: morphofunctional relationship between the embryo and the yolk sac.
  11. The big lie in human embryology: the case of the preembryo.
  12. The media and human embryology.
  13. Teratocarcinomas and human embryology: pluripotent human EC cell lines. Review article.
  14. Serial sections and human embryology: a new research initiative.
  15. A commentary on the beginning of life: a view from human embryology.
  16. A new wave dialectic: the reinvention of human embryology.
  17. Human embryology: molecular basis, morphogenesis mechanisms, and applications.
  18. Guidelines for human embryology laboratories. The American Fertility Society.
  19. New advances in human embryology: implications of the preimplantation diagnosis of genetic disease.
  20. The Vesalius of human embryology.
  21. Human embryology in Zakariyā al-Qazwīnī's The Marvels of Creation.
  22. Wilhelm His and 100 years of human embryology.
  23. Moral thinking and government policy: the Warnock Committee on Human Embryology.
  24. "De spermate hominis": a Middle English poem on human embryology. Nat. Libr. Scotland, Advocates' MS. 23.7.11.
  25. Histogenesis of the testicle and ovary in the light of human embryology.
  26. Fundamental problems of human embryology and trends in its development.
  27. Human embryology.
  28. Social values and research in human embryology.
  29. Film loops as aids to teaching human embryology.
  30. Human embryology in the USSR for the last 50 years.
  31. An experiment in teaching human embryology.
  32. On the suitability of the albino rat in the teaching of human embryology.
  33. The Debt of Human Embryology to the Practitioner. Free full text


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