06 June 2009

12 Lead ECG Trainer

12 Lead ECG Trainer from University of Wisconsin-Madison

Presentations and Reports

pdf icon Product Design Specification (PDS) Report (Feb 15 2009, 49 kb)
ppt icon Fall Midsemester Presentation (Feb 15 2009, 601 kb)
ppt icon Fall Final Poster (Feb 15 2009, 399 kb)
pdf icon Fall Final Paper (Feb 15 2009, 218 kb)
ppt icon Spring Midsemester Presentation (Mar 5 2009, 601 kb)
pdf icon Spring Midsemester Paper (Apr 27 2009, 244 kb)
ppt icon Spring Final Poster (Apr 28 2009, 478 kb)
pdf icon Spring Final Paper (May 9 2009, 330 kb)


ECG Learning Modules

ECG Learning Modules from School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

The ECG learning modules are designed to help you learn how to look at ECG rhythm strips and interpret them. Is the strip the normal rhythm of the heart -- normal sinus rhythm? Or an abnormal and potential dangerous rhythm like ventricular fibrillation? You will also be introduced to the 12-lead ECG and learn how to look for signs of an acute myocardial infarction.

In order to maintain the animation and transitions, the ECG learning modules are presented in their native PowerPoint format.

ECG Module I: ECG Basics (158 kb)
ECG Module II: How to Analyze a Rhythm (114 kb)
ECG Module III: Normal Sinus Rhythm (161 kb)
ECG Module IVa: Heart Arrthymias (685 kb)
ECG Module IVb: Heart Arrthymias (683 kb)

ECG Module IVc: Heart Arrthymias (804 kb)
ECG Module V: Acute Myocardial Infarction (518 kb)
ECG Module VI: Advanced 12-Lead Interpretation (2,548 kb)
ECG Module VIIa: Reading 12-Lead ECGs (1,215 kb)
ECG Module VIIb: Reading 12-Lead ECGs (2,513 kb)


31 May 2009

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Presentations

Stritch School of Medicine
Department of Continuing Medical Education (CME) Presentations

Inpatient Glycemic Control: A Hospitalist’s Perspective
By:Greg Maynard MD

By Eric Muller

Overview of Hepatorenal Syndrome

Cancer Survivorship Programs:Bridging the Gap between Primary Care and Oncology
By:Patricia Robinson, M.D.

Multiple Myeloma

Serotonin Syndrome

by:Susan Nedza MD

Adrenal Crisis
by:Erin Lowery, PGY-3 Med-Peds
Chris Hughes

Dermatology for Boards

Non-access Related Infections in Dialysis Patients

Renal Cell Carcinoma

by:David Wilber MD

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