17 March 2012

Peptic Ulcer Ppts and 50 Published articles

A peptic ulcer is a defect in the lining of the stomach or the first part of the small intestine, an area called the duodenum. A peptic ulcer in the stomach is called a gastric ulcer. An ulcer in the duodenum is called a duodenal ulcer.

Drugs Acting on the GI Tract: Peptic Ulcer and Motility & Secretions Peptic Ulcer (PU)

Peptic Ulcer Disease

Management of Gastric and Duodenal Disorders Gastritis
Gastric and Duodenal Disorders.ppt

Peptic ulcer
Peptic ulcer.ppt

Agents to Treat Gastric Acidity and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Stomach and Duodenum
John R. Alley, MD
Stomach and Duodenum.ppt

Civilization & Peptic Ulcer
Indiana Pacesetters Also Known As: A Rooster, Three Hens & A Chick
Civilization & Peptic Ulcer.ppt

Continuation of Low Dose Aspirin in Peptic Ulcer Bleeding
Tatiana Perez, MD

Pharmacology Digestive System Drugs
Effects of Drugs on the Digestive System
By Linda Self APN, MSN, CCRN

Peptic Ulcer Disease
Peptic Ulcer Disease.ppt

Acid Peptic Disorders The Spotlight is On!
Charmaine Rochester, PharmD, CDE, CDM, BCPS
Acid Peptic Disorders.ppt

Gastrointestinal Drugs
Patrick T. Ronaldson, Ph.D.

Drugs for Peptic Ulcer Disease
Drugs for Peptic Ulcer Disease.ppt



Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
Janice E. Sullivan, M.D., Brian Yarberry, Pharm.D.

Pharmacokinetics - Time course of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion
Pharmacodynamics - The biochemical and physiologic mechanisms of drug action


Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics Injected Drugs

Principles of Pharmacology Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics

Drugs and the Elderly: Practical Considerations 
C. Bree Johnston MD MPH

Principles of WHO Guidelines on nonclinical evaluation of vaccines
WHO Guidelines.ppt


Pharmacodynamics and Other Misc Concepts
Andrew Healey
Other Misc Concepts .ppt

Treatment  During Pregnancy: Gaps in our Knowledge
Donald  R Mattison
Treatment  During Pregnancy.ppt


Volatile Nitrites pdfs and publications

Nitrites may be inhaled to enhance sexual pleasure. There is little evidence of significant risk, although nitrites and nitrates cause vasodilation, with brief hypotension, dizziness, and flushing, followed by reflex tachycardia.

Inhalants are breathable chemical vapors that produce psychoactive (mind-altering) effects

Inhalants of Abuse or Volatile Substances

Recreational Drugs and Sexual Behavior
Recreational Drugs and Sexual Behavior .pdf

Research Report Series - Inhalant Abuse

Recognition and management of complications of new recreational drug use
George A Ricaurte, Una D McCann
new recreational drug use.pdf

Selective Adsorption of Nitrate and Nitrite from Tobacco Leaf Homogenates
Patsy R . Rhode s, James A. Saunders
http://pages.towson.edu/jsaunder/Saunders%20Publications Nitrite from Tobacco Leaf .pdf

Uppers, Downers  and All Arounders - Other Addictions
Other Addictions.ppt

Temperature Effect on Nitrifying Bacteria Activity in Biofilters:
Activation and Free Ammonia Inhibition
F. Fdz-Polanco, S. Villaverde and P. A. Garcia
Nitrifying Bacteria Activity.pdf


15 March 2012

Skene's Duct Cyst Ppt and published articles

Vulvar Lesions
CAPT Mike Hughey, MC, USNR

Benign Diseases of the Female Reproductive  Tract
Female Reproductive  Tract.ppt

Urethral  Caruncle
Urethral  Caruncle

Thyroglossal duct  cyst carcinoma and acromegaly- a case  report and literature review
Hyroglossal duct  cyst carcinoma and acromegaly

Female Sexual and Reproductive System
Female Sexual and Reproductive System.ppt

Review of embriology and anatomy of the reproductive system
Dr  Loto O.M
anatomy of the reproductive system.ppt

Anatomy  of the  Female Genital System

Vulval  & Vaginal lesions
Dr.  Abdallah H. Alsadig
Vulval  & Vaginal lesions .ppt

Gynecological  Exam

The  Female Reproductive System
Female Reproductive System

The Reproductive  System
Ana Corona, MSN, FNP-C
The Reproductive  System .ppt

Reproductive  Systems
Dr.  Michael P. Gillespie
Reproductive  Systems.ppt

Colposcopy   Questions
Michael   R.  Downs  M.D.
Colposcopy   Questions_quiz.ppt


14 March 2012

Polymyositis and Dermatomyositis

Dermatomyositis (DM) is a connective-tissue disease related to polymyositis (PM) and Bramaticosis that is characterized by inflammation of the muscles and the skin.

Pulmonary Manifestations of Polymyositis/Dermatomyositis
Sjögren’s Syndrome and Ankylosing Spondylitis
Cheryl  Pirozzi, MD
Polymyositis/Dermatomyositis .ppt

Acquired Diseases of Muscle
David  Lacomis, MD

Polymyositis  Overlap Syndromes, Anti-Synthetase Syndrome Epidemiology
Anti-Synthetase Syndrome.ppt

Inflammatory  Myopathies
Katie  DePlatchett, M.D.

Neuromuscular Disease
Stacy Rudnicki, MD

Diseases of Voluntary Skeletal Muscle
Patrick  Reed
Diseases of Voluntary Skeletal Muscle.ppt

Connective Tissue Diseases
Edward D. Buckingham, MD, Byron J. Bailey, MD
Connective Tissue Diseases.ppt

Clinical  Problem Solving
May Jennings, MD, Stuart Cohen, MD

Connective  Tissue Diseases
Connective  Tissue Diseases.ppt

Muscle Pathology - Neuromuscular disease
Steven S. Chin, M.D., Ph.D.

Neuromuscular Disease
Stacy Rudnicki, MD
Neuromuscular Disease.ppt

Autoimmune  and Inflammatory Disorders: Rheumatoid Arthritis
Carolyn  Morse Jacobs, RN, MSN,  ONC
Autoimmune  and Inflammatory Disorders Rheumatoid.ppt

Dermatomyositis Lecture notes Publications in PDF format


13 March 2012

Prenatal Diagnosis

Prenatal Diagnosis and Genetic Counseling
Prenatal Diagnosis.ppt

Prenatal Diagnosis Objectives
Prenatal Diagnosis Objectives.ppt

Tools  of Prenatal Diagnosis
Julie  Moldenhauer, MD
Tools  of Prenatal Diagnosis.ppt

Neonatal Diagnosis

Prenatal  Genetics
Owen  Phillips, MD

Prenatal  Genetics Predicting  Fetal Health
Owen  Phillips, MD
Prenatal diagnosis.ppt

Fetal  Diagnosis & Counseling of Pregnancy Options 
Brian  L Shaffer, MD

Prenatal Genetics  Supplemental Information
Drs. Deborah Driscoll and Michael Mennuti

Uses  of Genomic Information in the Diagnosis  of Disease

Prenatal  diagnosis for Joubert syndrome: Challenges and Possibilities
Ian  A. Glass, MB ChB, MD, FACMG

Genetic Counseling  in the Prenatal Setting
Prenatal Setting.ppt

Antepartum Complications

Congenital  Adrenal Hyperplasia
Dr.  Abdelaziz Elamin. MD,  PhD, FRCPCH
Congenital  Adrenal Hyperplasia.ppt

Prenatal Diagnosis in PDF format


Epiretinal membrane - macular pucker Ppts and scholarly articles

An epiretinal membrane (also known as macular pucker) is a thin sheet of fibrous tissue that can develop on the surface of the macular area of the retina and cause a disturbance in vision.

Epiretinal membranes in Macular Dysfunction
Epiretinal membranes in Macular Dysfunction GrandRounds3.ppt

Epiretinal membranes in Macular Dysfunction
X-Linked Juvenile Retinoschisis
Laura S. Gilmore, MD, MS
X-Linked Juvenile Retinoschisis GrandRounds.ppt

Epiretinal membranes in Macular Dysfunction
Unexplained Visual Loss
Laura S. Gilmore, MD
Unexplained Visual Loss GrandRounds.ppt

Epiretinal Membranes, CME and Macular Holes
Laura S. Gilmore, MD
CME and Macular Holes GrandRounds3.ppt

Diabetic Retinopathy
Steven Sanislo, M.D.
Diabetic Retinopathy.ppt

Retinal Bioengineering
Retinal Bioengineering.ppt


11 March 2012

Bariatric surgery - weight-loss surgery and 50 free published articles

Bariatric Surgery
Anaďse  Ikama etal

Bariatric Surgery
Tracy Ann Rydel,  MD

Weight Loss Surgery:  The First Step Toward a More Healthy Life
Pre-operative Medications, Post-operative Medications
Weight Loss Surgery.ppt

The Family  Physician’s Role in Managing the Bariatric Surgery Patient
B. Wayne Blount,  M.D., MPH
Managing the Bariatric Surgery.ppt

Medical Nutrition Therapy for Bariatric Surgery
Rebecca  Scheeler
Medical Nutrition Therapy for Bariatric Surgery.ppt

Weight  Loss Surgery - informational Materials
Weight  Loss Surgery.ppt

Anesthesia  for Bariatric Surgery
By:  Vladimir Melnikov MD
Anesthesia  for Bariatric Surgery.ppt

Bariatric Surgery: An Overview
Andrea Cherrington
Bariatric Surgery: An Overview.ppt

Revisional  Bariatric Surgery Indications and potential benefits.
William  Bakhos,MD
Revisional  Bariatric Surgery.ppt

Complications  and Benefits of Bariatric  Surgery
Tracy Robinson
Complications  and Benefits of Bariatric  Surgery.ppt

Gastric Surgery  for Severe Obesity
David L.  Gee, PhD
Gastric Surgery  for Severe Obesity.PPT

Binge  Eating Behavior in Post Bariatric Surgery  Patients
Lowisa  Dohrmund
Post Bariatric Surgery.ppt

Nutrition Practice  Standards for Bariatric Surgery
Dana Eiesland,  RD, LDN
Nutrition Practice  Standards for Bariatric Surgery .ppt

Male Obesity  and Semen Analysis Parameters
Joseph Petty, MD, Samuel Prien, PhD, Amantia Kennedy, MSIV, Sami Jabara, MD
Male Obesity  and Semen Analysis Parameters.ppt

Unintended consequences of bariatric surgery – the changing face of a familiar disease
Andrea Braun MD, Thomas S. Huddle MD
Unintended consequences of bariatric surgery.ppt
Free 50 Published scholarly articles on Bariatric surgery


Metabolic Acidosis

Arterial Blood Gas Analysis
Vanessa Klee MSIV

Acid-Base Disorders and the ABG

Interpretation: Compensated and Uncompensated Blood Gas Analysis
James Barnett, RN, MSN

Approach to Inborn Errors of Metabolism
Andrew M. Ellefson MD

Acid and Base Balance and Imbalance
http://www.clt.astate.edu/Acid and Base Balance and Imbalance.ppt

Case Studies on Acid-Base Disorders
William T. Browne, M.D.
Case Studies on Acid-Base Disorders.ppt

Approach to Inborn Error of Metabolism in a Neonate
Filomena Hazel R. Villa, MD

Renal Tubular Acidosis
Kathleen Wren

Metabolic acidosis
Anne Peery, MD
Metabolic acidosis.ppt

Acid – Base Disorders
Viyeka Sethi
Acid – Base Disorders.ppt

Acid Base Balance and Fluid Balance
Dr. Kathleen Ethridge

Acid-Base Disturbances Clinical Approach
Pravit Cadnapaphornchai
Acid-Base Disturbances.ppt
Latest 50 published articles

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