20 April 2013

Otolaryngology: Grand Rounds 2010 and 2011 PPTs / Pdfs from University of Texas Medical Branch

  • Periorbital Aging and Blepharoplasty [Dec 2011] TEXT:PDF|HTML|DOC|| SLIDES:PDF|PPTX
  • Lip Cancer Reconstruction [Dec 2011] TEXT:PDF|HTML|DOC| SLIDES:PDF|PPT|PPTX
  • Oropharyngeal SquamousCell Carcinoma: Conventional and Modern Concepts [Nov 30 2011] TEXT:PDF|HTML|DOC| SLIDES:PDF|PPT|
  • Infections of the Head and Neck: Anatomical Considerations [Nov 30 2011] TEXT:PDF|HTML|DOC|DOCXSLIDES:PDF|PPTX|PPT
  • Glossectomy [Nov 30 2011] TEXT:PDF|HTML|DOCX|DOC| SLIDES:PDF|PPTX|PPT
  • Treatment of Vocal Fold Paralysis [Oct 27 2011] TEXT:PDF|HTML|DOC| SLIDES:PDF|PPTX|PPT
  • Esophagology and Esophagoscopy [Oct 27 2011] TEXT:PDF|HTML|DOC| SLIDES:PDF|PPT
  • Surgical Management of Advanced and Recurrent Subglottic Stenosis [Oct 27 2011] TEXT:PDF|HTML|DOC| SLIDES:PDF|PPT |
  • The Otolaryngologist's Approach to the Down Syndrome Patient [Sep 30 2011] TEXT:PDF|DOC|DOCX| SLIDES:PDF|PPT | PPTX
  • Branchial Anomalies [Sep 30, 2011] TEXT:PDF|HTML|DOC| SLIDES:PDF|PPT
  • Tumors of the Hard Palate and Upper Alveolar Ridge [Apr 22, 2011] TEXT:PDF|HTML|DOC| SLIDES:PDF|PPTX|
  • Complications of Rhinosinusitis:Synopsis of Critical Sequelae [Apr 22,2011] TEXT:PDF|HTML|DOC| SLIDES:PDF|PPT
  • EGFR Targets in Head and Neck Cancer [Mar 31,2011] TEXT:PDF|HTML| SLIDES:PDF|PPT
  • Management of the Emergent Airway [Mar 31,2011] TEXT:PDF|HTML| SLIDES:PDF|
  • Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis [Feb 25, 2011 TEXT:PDF|HTML|DOC|DOCX SLIDES:PDF|PPTX||PPT
  • Current Controversies in the Management of Malignant Parotid Tumors [Feb 25, 2011] TEXT:PDF|HTML|DOC SLIDES:PDF|PPS|PPT
  • Eosinophilic Esophagitis [Jan 31, 2011] TEXT:PDF|HTML|DOC SLIDES:PDF|PPTX|PPT
  • Polysomnography (Sleep Studies) [Jan 31, 2011] TEXT:PDF|HTML|DOC SLIDES:PDF|PPS|PPT

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